Luminografias. Ramon Casanova vs. Jorge Egea. Revela’t.

in·corpore 12. Estela Ibarz González, Nuria Porras, Yannick Sanches, Artur Serra, Pedro Pina Vasconcelos
Our project Et in Acadia is exhibited at MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona). And also participates in the first internacional meeting about the Actuallity of the Classic.
more info and dates:www.ub.edu/gracmonwww.meam.es 

A Re-embodiment of the frieze of the Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai.
work in collaboration with the British Museum 

Directed by: Ramón casanova & Jorge Egea
Participants: Israel Ariño, Adrián Arnau, Carles Bartolomé-Ibars, Mónica Lou, Rebecca Mutell and Enric Passolas (University of Barcelona); Ruth S. Contreras (University of Vic) José luis Eguía (Politechnic University of Catalonia)
Contributions by: Dr. Robin Osborn (University of Cambridge), Dra. Tabitha Tuckett (University of Oxford)

East & West Publishing 
ISBN 978 1 907318 10 8 


video about our proyect “Et in arcadia”, by TV3, the Catalan public television

exhibition “Panoràmiques”, part of our participaction at the investigation grup Neoartgraf (MEC y FEDER HUM2007-61816/ARTE: BASES PARA UNA NUEVA TEORIA DEL ARTE GRÁFICO ORIGINAL)


Workshop in Casa Turull, Exhibition “Museu, visions en progrés”, Museu d’Art de Sabadell

Trans·formare, Museu Marès, Barcelona

workshop at primary school “Anna Ravell” 

Bouesia, Tarragona

Tallers Oberts, Barcelona